WebScreenR in Teaching

WebScreenR is one of the most dynamic tools educators can use to transform their classroom in a dramatic fashion without investing a tremendous amount of time learning a new software piece or app. The WebScreenR is easy to use and can be quickly implemented by both teachers and students.

Here are some benefits

  • Record lessons that students can access anytime, anywhere, so that class time can be spent on more productive and interactive learning activities.
  • Make a video to help your substitute teacher if you have to miss class.
  • You can use screencast to deliver remedial content. For example, the instructor of a history course might find that many of his or her students don't know how to properly reference sources. Instead of covering this remedial content in class, it is delivered via a screencast that is accessed by those students who need it.
  • Screencasts can benefit students whose first language is not English (they can watch the screencast multiple times, or you can even include captions with your screencast), and for students with certain learning disabilities.

Learn more about how educators are using WebScreenR

Live Screencasting:

creating a live recording during a class activity, is one of the easiest ways for teachers to begin the adventure of using this tool to promote positive change in their classrooms. The “flipped classroom” model has created a lot of buzz among educators. The idea of presenting content material through a video that frees class time for more engaging activities and instruction is extremely appealing. However, many teachers feel that they lack the time to invest in making videos of history lectures, math lessons, or chemistry overviews to make this dramatic change in their content delivery.

Online/Hybrid/Blended Learning

Online courses can also require students to create screencasts of the required course material to bring the engagement to both sides of the exchange between teacher/professor and students. Students posting their screencasts for the benefit of the entire online class creates a multimedia experience for the online class that further cements the bond of a community that exists without the “brick & mortar” of a school or university.

Student Created Content

In any class setting, both online and traditional, students can easily create screencasts for assignments and course content. Here the possibilities are endless. Students can easily screencast traditional slide presentations and add more dynamic elements for visually appealing videos. Students can also create compelling digital stories for History, English, and Foreign Language classes that are engaging and showcase their creativity. Some flipped classroom practitioners teach their students screencasting so their students can become the creators of video content.

Professional Development

Professional development is crucial for the proper implementation of technology integration. However, there is often little time for these activities during the academic year and too often new technologies are quickly introduced to teachers and administrations without the proper support or opportunities for them to grasp the technology and feel confident enough to actually use that technology. Screencasting is a wonderful tool that can capture professional development sessions and make them available for online consumption. Online professional development offers educators the flexibility to learn new practices at an acceptable pace.

For more information about WebScreenR usage, please read our Getting Started Manual under Help File .

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