WebScreenR in Business

WebScreenR helps you to quickly introduce a product or feature and to show customers how something works. WebScreenR also allows you to explain things in a way many users will find preferable to dense text and more helpful than screenshots alone.

WebScreenR will capture every little detail: when you hesitated or wandered with your mouse, when you chose the wrong menu, when you had to resize or reorder screens. You should trim all of these unnecessary frames out.

Why might you want to create a screencast?


You can use it to illustrate how particular features of a software work. Rather than spending time and money on a professionally-created step-by-step video series, you can create your demo as quickly as it takes to show someone who is sitting next to you how to use a piece of the software. You can then re-create your video whenever software updates make your old video out-of-date.


There are many ways to share a past or live presentation online. But another option is to record a dry run of your future presentation a few days before your speaking engagement. Flip through the slides and deliver your speech just as you would in front of your audience. Then, watch it back to find areas for improvement. You can even send it to a trusted friend, mentor, or coach for more feedback.


You can capture and share a webinar that did not get recorded by the presenters. Alternatively, you can record just the part of the webinar that is relevant to your needs, skipping the intro and the Q+A portion in addition you also annotate your screencast with important points.

For more information about WebScreenR usage, please read our Getting Started Manual under Help File .

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