Editing your captured video

Once your video is recorded they will be displayed in WebScreenR preview screen.

  1. Select Screenshots option and click Edit Screenshot button.
  2. WebScreenR Editor studio is displayed.
  3. Select the screenshot and click the Edit button.
  4. Selected screenshot is displayed in below screen.
  5. Note: You can Add and Delete Text, Circle, Square, Line, Image and Sound. For more information refer Working with WebScreenR Studio

  6. Click Save button once you have finished editing your screenshot.
  7. Changed screenshot is displayed in WebScreenR Editor Studio.
  8. Click Save Editing button which will take you to WebScreenR preview screen.
  9. Save or publish your video using Save & Publish button before closing the website.
  10. Note: If the annotated video is not saved before closing the website all the changed made are lost.